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The Weight of Sin

To give a little background, I was raised Catholic but I wouldn’t say that I am overly religious at the current time. Oddly enough because of this, any type of religious question or topic gathers my attention. So here it is…

Just recently an acquantance introduced me to an idea was somewhat foreign to me. Perhaps I misinterpreted her but it seemed she considered vanity a sin that was equal to all other sins. I questioned that because I don’t believe being vain and killing someone are in the same category yet they are both sins. I guess she believes that sin is sin no matter what the situation or context. They weigh the same when judged by God.

I can’t honestly believe that to be true. Whether there is a god or not, the judgement to me is that all sins are weighted differently. To lie to someone is a sin as well as to kill someone. Would they be judged the same? I hope not. I believe that all sins carry their own weight and in the end when we are all “judged”, the sins that were done will be calculated accordingly. For example if a soldier kills one bad man for the well being of a dozen good people… the sin of killing should have already been paid a dozen times over. The soldier should not automatically be written off as a sinner and be sent to hell. There is no justice in that.

But pay no heed to these rantings of a confused mind.

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