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Flatform Sessions

September 6, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Flatform Sessions

Over the weekend I went to a fine art showing at Smash in the East Village (in Des Moines, IA). You could almost call it a design or architectural art showing by the techniques and tools used. I had the opportunity to converse with the artists and get some insight as to what their thoughts were concerning the artistic style that they used. There is no better way to learn about art than by talking to the artists.

From looking at the art pieces you could instantly see that they were all unique, not just in the layers of paint used in creating them but the actual canvas themselves. Each canvas was actually a “die” used to cut out folders, boxes or whatever needed to be cut out on a sheet of paper. It was wonderful to see something that had a common purpose being used for something completely different. The color choices and patterns were unique to each piece as well. Some had text, some didn’t yet there was a sense of unity to all of the art. Very well done and well thought out.

Overall I would say it was a great showing.

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