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Hoping for a Wii for Mii

There is a lot of excitement in the air. For a while, I may not comment on anything but video game consoles since the PS3 and the Wii will be released next month and I have them both pre-ordered. Hope you can bear with me.

Comparing both consoles I have decided that I really only want the Wii. Nintendo is on the right track when it comes to gaming. It’s interactivity that counts. Nintendo is effectively putting the player in the game as opposed to Sony or Microsoft making the games look good. I think when you break it down, fun is where it’s at. I’m not saying that the opposing teams games aren’t fun, I’m just saying that it seems their only focus is resolution and not gameplay.

What is the biggest difference between the current gen and next gen consoles???

Let’s see, the PS3 has better graphics and processing power than it’s older brother (wow… innovative).

The 360 has better graphics and processing power than the original XBox (o.O how creative).

The Wii is a whole new gaming experience compared to the Cube. It’s a change of thought process. It’s looking back at what a game is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be entertainment and not eye candy. I believe the Wii has done just that, it’s brought gaming back to it’s core existence.

Flat out…

Gaming = Entertainment

Think about that.

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