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Ninety Nine Nights (N3)

Ninety Nine Nights

After playing through this game with 3 characters (of 7) so far, I can honestly say this is a game well worth the $30 price tag on it. It’s not the most in depth game that you can get but it’s definitely an instant gratification button masher at its finest. Graphics are top notch with details oozing from the characters and lush environments. Aside from the characters running rather slow, the controls are tight. I would almost say it’s as tight as God of War or Ninja Gaiden Black. Maybe not that good but pretty darn close.

Some complain that the game itself is rather short.  I can see where they are coming from but I would say that the game length is just about right.  Each character’s storyline is admittedly short but when you combine all of them into the lump sum, it’s a decent stretch to complete.  Besides, It’s great to be able to see each characters place in the whole story.

If you are a fan of massive carnage and button mashing, I’d say this game is for you.  I’m not exactly one of those but I can honestly say I have enjoyed it so far.  Don’t ask me what the title of the game means because I don’t know. Heck I don’t really care since it’s just so darn fun getting 1500 hit combos from time to time. Can’t beat that!

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