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Woodland Cemetery

It was a beautiful day in Des Moines. 77 degrees and sunny wasn’t going to keep me inside today! I decided to go take some snapshots at nearby Woodland Cemetery.

Woodland Cemetery

While looking around, I noticed the Principal Building in the background and noticed how it oddly resembled one of the gravestones. I thought it might be a nice shot.

Woodland Cemetery

I was unsure as to what to think of this. It seems as if the road has been built right over these three graves. Hrmm… I truly hope that’s not so since anyone passing through would essentially be driving/walking over the dead. Oh and you’ll also notice if you look closely, there’s a drainage grate that is covered by the leaves. I guess the body is getting watered regularly.

Woodland Cemetery

Though I never plan to have my body buried, If I ever did, I’d like my grave to look something like this.

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