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Beauty, the Beholder and a Blog

I enjoy taking snapshots so I frequent Flickr dot com. While skimming through snapshots/photos I came across this one.

26 AM

This honestly left me in awe. The photo is very well done and I absolutely love how the area of focus is on the red hair in the upper right corner (I’m a sucker for redheads). The freckles add a sweetness to the subject. The soft blur of the left of her face contrasting with the crispness of the right, gives a surprising amount of depth. The stare from her blue eyes is so intense that I want to look away. Unfortunately I can’t help but stare. Her lips, though not smiling, seem to be on the verge of an innocent grin. I can sense tension, yet peace. Well… at least that’s what I grasp from the photo.

I would venture to say that if I were to pass this young lady on the street, I would feel compelled to approach her and say that she is beautiful. Then again, knowing myself, I would not dare. Actually I’d probably just end up staring and she would ask me “Did you want to take a picture? It would last longer.”… Classy eh? Anyway since this is my blog and I’m not passing her on the subway, I’ll say it… You are amazingly beautiful.

Ahhh the freedom of the internet.

(081408 Update) – She apparently removed the photo from her Flickr account or changed permissions on it. I’m sorry to you who are reading this that you will not be able to witness the beautiful image that it was 😦

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