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Daylight What?

Ok now here’s the situation. The plumber was stopping by today at 12:00 to remodel my bathroom. I decided that I would just take a 11:30 lunch and meet up with him to unlock my door. No biggie really. While driving home I noticed that my car clock was saying it was 10:35. I didn’t think much of it since my car has had a problem with an electrical short in the past. Well I got home and things seemed oddly quiet. I checked my cell phone and guess what? It was only 10:40 and at that moment it hit me. My darn computer at work had adjusted to daylight savings time even though it had already happened a few weeks prior. Of course I drove back to work and worked for about 3o minutes and then headed back to my house to meet up with said plumber. Wow what a wasted half hour! I guess I can’t always rely on my work mac to tell me the time anymore.

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