Wii Play

Wii Play

Well I have finally had the opportunity to pick up Wii Play. It’s definitely a hard game to find. I’m guessing it’s because it comes with a Wii-mote and god knows that we could always use another wii-mote.

Anyway, after playing this game (or series of minigames) for a couple of hours, I would say that this is great at what it aims to be. It is a wii-mote interactive training manual. The first one teaches you to aim and fire with the wii-mote through target practice. It’s reminiscent of duckhunt but with less ducks. There are mini games to teach you how to rotate the wii-mote and some to teach you to use the wii-mote by holding it sideways. One mini game is a very simplified version of pool and it teaches you to pull back and push forward. Overall very simple tasks to practice your wii-mote skills.

As for a stand alone game, it is lacking. Each mini game really has no depth and the novelty quickly runs out (at least for me). It’s a mediochre game at best.

Bottom line, if you need another wii-mote, the extra ten buckaroos for Wii Play is well worth it. If you’re thinking that this game itself is worth spending the five Hamilton’s and leaving the extra wii-mote to get dusty, think again.

  1. May 14, 2007 at 5:55 am

    I picked up Wii Play and am while I’m glad I have an extra Wiimote, the game misses the target. I think I’ve only played it once myself!

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