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The Gamestop trend

I just read this article on Gaming Target and it hits the nail on the head about Gamestop and how it no longer caters to the hardcore gamer. If you shop at Gamestop, I suggest you read this.

I especially liked #5. I never buy display copies unless there is no where else on God’s green earth that I can get a new copy. Even at that, I refuse to pay full price for it. Here’s the scenario that I run into more often than not:

(Player 1) Me: “Do you have –enter obscure title here– in stock?”

(Player 2) clerk: “Yeah it looks like we have one.” (gets empty case off the rack and begins sifting through the drawer of used games in CD sleeves.”

Me: “Ummm no thanks. I’ll get it somewhere else.”

clerk: “But this one’s never been used.”

Me: “Yeah but it’s opened.”

clerk: “It’s just the display copy…It’s still new and hasn’t been used yet.”

Me: “No thanks.”

clerk: “Whatever.”

Me: “Whatever this you muth&% F&#$@% !!!!!!!” (as I begin beating the living daylight out of the clerk)

Ok I embellished a little with the last line but you get the point.

It still amazes me that they charge full price for it and claim that it’s new because it’s never been put in the console yet. Well if that TV was the display TV and was no longer in the box, would you pay full price for it jackass!?!!? Especially when I can get it just down the road for the same price but still factory sealed.

Anyway, serious props to John Scalzo for writing this article.

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  1. Salah
    November 8, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    Dude, serious props for you bringing this article! This is what got me mad too! I entered the store to buy a used godfather game. They had it for like 5 bucks less than the new, so I decided to get the new. Guess how the new one was kept in the store!!

  2. Tan
    February 26, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    If I had a nickel for every game at EB I wanted that was dirty, damaged or missing something, I’d be a rich man indeed. 😛


  3. October 3, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Thank you for sharing this on my blog. Another point I didn’t mention that bothers me about this whole process is that when they sell you a gutted copy, it’s at new price. However, if you bought a game brand new and opened it right in front of them and tried to return it, they see it as used.

    I hope that this practice gets shut down someday, though it’s been a while since any news has come up about the matter.

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