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My PS3 Folklore Journey


I have finally completed Folklore on my PS3 and overall I am quite pleased with the journey.

Overall storyline is pretty decent. It kept me engaged enough to complete the game so that’s pretty good in itself. It’s not the most compelling story in a game but I would say it did its job. It’s somewhat akin to the Sixth Sense or Unbreakable. You get tid bits of the story all the way through the game. It’s only in the end that you really get the whole picture and realize what’s been going on.

I also felt that the way the story was served to the player was a nice break from the typical cinematics that current games have. Folklore told the story in a comic book fashion. The artwork was in frames and dialogue was written in thought bubbles. The combination of that and the bright colors and style made it seem like you were reading a graphic novel. I was actually quite pleased by it. Unfortunately by the end of the game, I felt that the story fell apart and my interest was more in finishing up the game rather than finding out the completion of the story.

Visually the game is great. I would definitely say that it’s current gen graphics but at the same time, it’s definitely not tapping into the potential of the PS3. I’m looking forward to future games that utilize more of the Cell processor.

Gameplay is excellent. The control scheme is quite simple but at the same time elaborate enough to keep interest. Primary controls are locked but the button pad configuration is completely up to the player. The triangle, square, X and circle buttons are at your disposal. You actually assign the buttons with the abilities of creatures that you “absorb”. In order to absorb a creature, you need to weaken it enough until its “id” appears in pink. At this point you lock onto it and pull back on the controller(kinda like reeling in a fish). This action pulls the creatures “id” to you and your character will absorb it. Depending on the creature, you may need to do a different action but it will always involve the tilt sense in the controller. The sixaxis tilt sense is perfectly utilized in this game and is extremely responsive. It doesn’t seem gimicky at all in this game.

All creatures in the game (aside from bosses) are able to be absorbed. in “absorbing” creatures, you gain their attack/defense abilities and at the same time you gain experience. Each creature absorbed can be strengthened by multiple different ways. All of the ways are listed in the main menu so you don’t have to bother remembering how to do it. You just pause it end look it up. Sometimes you need to absorb X amount of those creatures and sometimes you need to defeat X amount of other creatures to level it up. It really depends on the creature.

The game is not overly difficult. Even bosses can be quite easy once you get the hang of it. There were only a few irritating points in the game when I played through. Each creature has weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes you don’t know what it is until you try every single attack you have on them. Even then it’s not always apparent. A few times I had trouble figuring out how to capture a creature and that was frustrating to me. I eventually captured them but it was still annoying to say the least.

There is an online aspect to the game but I haven’t really tapped into it yet. It’s more of a dungeon building task that I don’t really feel the need to dive into.

Overall I would say that the game is worth a $45 price tag. $60 is a steep price for any game and it will take some time before I’ll say a game is worth $60. If you own a PS3,  you should at least download the demo’s to this.  You won’t regret it.  At that point you can decide if it’s worth your hard earned cash.

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