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My thoughts on Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed

I’ve just recently finished Assassin’s Creed and I would have to say it’s a rather well made game. I thoroughly enjoyed jumping from roof to roof and assassinating the archers along the way. The controls are tight and the ability to climb over virtually anything in the game is a great feeling. The intent is to be stealthy as best you can but there are times when battles are necessary. What’s great about the battles is that they require good timing rather than constant button mashing.

Quests/missions could be considered quite repetitive since you are basically running around the cities assassinating different people. You essentially use the same technique for any of em. Difficulty does vamp up slightly by the end of the game but I would still consider it a simple game to complete.

Personally I thought the story was lacking. Tying in the future and the past the way they did was a little far fetched. It probably needed to be done so that the story could be progressed as needed. Anyway I enjoyed the gameplay more than the story so it really didn’t matter to me.

For completists who love to collect a lot of in game garbage, there are hundreds of flags to collect and about 60 Templars to assassinate. It’s quite a feat considering the sheer size of the cities and all of the nooks and crannies to hide behind.

Graphics: Excellent

Gameplay: Excellent

Story: Good

Replay Value: Excellent

Overall Value: $50/$60

So I’m real glad I got it for $38 at Best Buy.

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