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Playstation 3 Reanalyzed

Playstation 3

I’ve owned my Playstation 3 since mid summer last year. Since then I have come up with an updated personal review. Keep in mind I have the 60gig version so this is the version that I will comment on.

• Graphics are simply amazing. So far every game/demo that I have played on this system is graphically amazing save a few. The fact that I know that there is untapped potential in the system impresses me even more. Like the PS2, I don’t believe any of us will see the full potential of this black box until closer to the end of its life.

• Blu-Ray capabilities are a definite boon to the system. Not only is it currently one of the best blu-ray players available, it’s one of the cheapest and most upgradeable. Also because of the amazing capacity of the blu-ray disc, the games will be able to improve and not have to be divided into multiple discs anytime soon.

• Not only is the system able to play blu-rays but it actually has a pretty decent DVD upconverter in it. My DVD library is not wasted ^.- I’ve actually enjoyed watching some of my old DVD’s on the system since it actually does look quite a bit better than on my old stand by DVD player.

• Online service is currently free unlike another current gen system *wink*.

• Free downloadable demos are a great selling point. I hate buying a game and finding out that it’s a horrid game. Being able to download game demos as I feel fit is a great service to all PS3 owners out there. It’s a simple yet effective marketing tool. My only gripe is that there aren’t more available.

• I have a huge library of PSOne and PS2 games and the backwards compatibility is just dandy in my opinion. Granted I don’t often play last gen games but there are still a few PS2 games that are still worth playing. What’s also great is that you can create virtual PSONe and PS2 memory cards directly to the HDD. Simple but extremely handy. One thing that pains me is that Sony has dropped BC from the 40gig version and possibly all future models.

• As said before, I have the 60gig version and I believe it to be the superior of all versions. The only weakness compared to some of the other models is HDD space. The fortunate fact for me is that the PS3 makes it extremely easy to upgrade the HDD. Right now I’m running on about 24 gig of space left. It’s plenty for now but just knowing that I can easily pick up a new 160 gig HDD and install it within minutes is a great feature. It makes me a happy camper.

• Wireless modem and Wireless controllers. Ok that’s a give in since all current systems have wireless controllers but it’s still a huge improvement from the last generation. Still upsetting that dualshock3 is coming out soon. It should have been dualshock3 from the start. I guess better late than never.

• On the same line as wireless is the built in bluetooth capabilities. My mic and keyboard are both currently tethered to the PS3 via USB but it’s nice to know that I can eventually upgrade to wireless whenever I have the proper fundage.

• The PS3 has a built in browser which can be handy in tight spots. I don’t use it much since I find it easier to use my computer to do my surfing. It’s still nice to know the system has it since your connected to the internet anyway.

• The Cross Media Bar (XMB) is a simple and visually appealing navigational software tool. What’s even better is that it’s recently been made customizable.

• Memory card slots. I really don’t use this feature much (since I tend to use my USB flash drive to transfer game memory) but it’s definitely a handy tool for those who want to show snapshots/videos straight from their digital cameras.

• I don’t yet have a Playstation Portable but when I get one, you bet I’m gonna use it to remotely access my PS3.

There are actually not too many cons to owning the system. It’s true that the price point is rather high but if you look at the fact that it’s more of a multi media station as opposed to just a video game console, I think the price is a steal. Granted not everyone wants a blu-ray player or internet browser on their TV but those are nice features that would definitely get utilized by anyone who owns a PS3. The limited game selection is something commonly complained about but soon enough there will be a huge selection of great games. Too many people want everything and they want it now. Patience people, patience.

The last thing I have to say is that originally I was reluctant to purchase the system but I’ve only been more and more impressed as the months go by. I see huge potential in the system and I can’t wait until developers are able to dig deeper into what we call the Playstation 3.

  1. February 12, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    Nice Post! I love my PS3(and 360 and wii)

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