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Devil May Cry 4 CE

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Devil May Cry 4 CE

I’ve always been a huge fan of the DMC series. I beat the original game into the ground and unlocked everything available. I wasn’t overly pleased with the changes made in the sequel but still managed to make it through. The third one in the series was a great game but overly difficult and frustrating in some areas. This new one seems to bring the series back to its roots.

DMC 4 plays very similar to part one and that’s honestly one of the best things about it. I feel like the tight controls have returned. I can string together multiple combos and rack up some serious stylish points. The only thing different so far is that since the main character is Nero and he uses a double barrel hand gun as opposed to two separate guns, the firing rate has been slowed down. I liked being able to “juggle” the enemies in the air in part one. I’m sure once I get to the Dante part of the game, it will all come back. To balance that slight bit of change, Nero has a devil arm that can grab enemies from far away. That addition puts some change up in the gameplay. It also adds some serious fun to the gameplay as well.

Difficulty has been dumbed down since part 3. I guess there were lots of complaints about the difficulty level of DMC3 and so the developers changed that. I really don’t mind too much since I had some troubles with it as well. I don’t often mind difficult but I do mind frustration. The final level of DMC3 = massive frustration for me.

Graphically it’s an amazing game. It’s crisp and colorful. My only gripe is that there are areas that are a little too dark. I could bump the brightness on my tv but at the point where I can see some details, the blacks become gray. I don’t care for that too much.

The story so far is pretty decent and the character’s are developing nicely. The voice acting is quite good and I actually enjoy the interaction of the characters. Unfortunately Nero seems too much like Dante. I don’t think there’s enough room in the DMC series for more than one Dante. Honestly I’m more into the action than the story at this point but it’s still pretty good.

The bonus content for the Collector’s Edition is a sweet metal case, an additional content DVD and volume one of the animated series. There are 4 episodes in all with a combined time of around 100 minutes. I think it’s a great addition to my Devil May Cry collection. If you are a fan of the DMC series, the extra $20 for this collector’s edition is a steal.

Overall I’d give this game a $75/$80 for the CE.

As a standalone game I’d give it a $55/$60.

Game on my peeps!

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