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Basement Re-update

Basement set 03Basement set 03

The basement project is moving along nicely. It’s actually running smoother and quicker than I had anticipated. I’ve finished insulating the exterior walls and the ceiling for soundproofing (more like sound control). The framework was done by a friend of mine and I only helped a little on that portion. I hired someone to do the electrical. I’m not too comfortable with electricity so I’d rather have someone else do that part of it. You can see the can lights in the snapshots. These aren’t the final lights so they all look a little strange. Once the room is finished and the trim work is in, I’ll replace these with energy efficient flood lights. I figure a dozen flood lights could suck up power real quick and jack up my energy bill. Hopefully purchasing compact fluorescent bulbs will pay for themselves quickly.

Basement set 03Basement set 03

As you can see, I’ve cleaned up a little so that once this project is complete, I won’t have a huge mess to clean up. Hopefully it will be a small mess. Obviously the next step is to put up drywall. This will be a challenge but with 4 other guys helping me, I’m hoping it will move along quickly. Well I had better get off to work. Gotta prep the basement for the drywall!

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