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Basement Re-update x2

Basement set 04Basement set 04

Ok I’m actually behind on the update but I kinda need to put this somewhere. These snapshots are of the basement with the drywall attached. It’s actually looking more like a livable space now.

Basement set 04

The corner shown above is the planned placement for the TV and the game systems. I’m kind of unsure how the TV will fit in this space yet since I plan to hang it on the wall and the window may interfere with (tv mount) placement.

Basement set 04Basement set 04

The snapshots above are from the soon to be office. It’s not much yet but it’s way better than what was previously there. The damned chandelier is gone so no more bruising my noggin on that piece of crap! None of the tape or mud is on these pics but I assure you that it’s in progress. I’ll have snapshots of that up soon. Well work beckons. Until next time.

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