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Unscheduled Toys R Us Visit

Some sweet Toys R Us deals

I stopped by Toys R Us the other day and found out they had a deal on Nintendo DS games. It was a buy two get one free deal. I thought to myself, “Cool! I’m sure there are a few that I’ve been looking to get”. I looked around and lo and behold the bargain bin had some nice choices and the deal held true even with the clearanced stuff. I decided to snag up Fantastic Four for the PS3 as well as Magical Starsign and Children of Mana for the DS. I couldn’t decide on a third game for the freebee so I went to the non discounted shelves and picked up Nanostray 2. I had been eyeing it for a while and so I figured it would be a good time to get it. All of these were a great deal but to top it all off, I found out at the register that the clearanced items were an additional 20% off so I ended up getting Fantastic Four for $8, Nanostray for the standard $20, Children of Mana for $8 and Magical Starsign for free! So with tax and all I left there with 4 games for less than $40. I’m pleased 🙂

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