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Completion of Grand Theft Auto IV

Ok it’s really taken me a long time to beat this game. Even with beating the story, I’m only 64% complete in the game. As much as I would love to continue playing the game and just plain exploring, I just don’t have the time. I’ve got other games to finish up (Burnout Paradise & MGS4) and other responsibilities to deal with.

I will tell you what I think about the game though. Simply put, it’s awesome but I will elaborate further. In the previous Grand Theft Auto games, the stories somewhat lacked in depth. At least that’s how I feel about them. I’m much more impressed with the depth in this one. I actually felt a connection to the characters and felt happy/sorry for the situations they are put in. It’s funny that I enjoyed hanging out with the characters when they called me.

Gameplay is pretty much the same formula as the previous ones. Steal cars, do missions, make money with the added dating scene in this one. Essentially the free roaming world is fully intact but much improved. There are more pedestrians walking around and more cars in the cities. Physics have been improved greatly with the vehicles and npc’s. I make it a point to crash into any motorcyclist I see just so I can watch the body get thrown into oncoming traffic (sorry… did I just write that?). It’s crazy fun but not surprisingly violent.

Controls are lacking but much better than the previous games in line. The lock on feature is a godsend since free aiming really is too inefficient to survive a battle. Yes auto lock was in the previous ones but it seems better this time around. I only have two major control complaints. One is when flying a chopper. Both analog and SIXAXIS controls are extremely frustrating to use. I actually don’t enjoy flying one. I only do it to complete missions that require the use of a chopper. Second complaint is shooting and driving. I preferred shooting out the side of the car in the old games rather than aiming in front in this one. It’s actually only a minor complaint but it still bothers me.

Overall I’d say that this game is a must have for any PS3 or 360 owner.

I’d score it a $80/$90 for the Special Edition

For the standard I’d score it a $60/$60

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