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The Paradise that is Burnout

Burnout Paradise

Fortunately/unfortunately I recently had a birthday. The bad news is that I’m one year older but the good news is that I got Burnout Paradise as a gift from my friends! I absolutely loved the demo and have been eyeing this game for quite some time. I’ve just been so busy with housework and other games that I really hadn’t thought about getting it.

If you have played the demo it’s pretty much exactly that. Just try it out on either system and see for yourself if you haven’t had the chance yet.

I’ve loved the series since part 2 and this one is no exception. Controls are tight and the visuals are simply amazing. The sheer sense of speed you get from driving through the city is nothing to scoff at. There really isn’t any other driving sim that gives you this rush of speed. Even the crashes are amazingly quick. You’re in pieces before you even know it!

City traffic ai is pretty darn good. The other cars try to get out of your way as you constantly play chicken with them. The other ai racers are actually pretty decent at racing against you as well. It sometimes feels like you are racing against real people. Of course you CAN do that online. I like how playing online is pretty much seamless. You can switch back and forth from online/offline in an instant. It’s actually very impressive. I’d like to see this online system used in other games. Accepting racing challenges are just as seamless. Just pull up to a red light and press L2 and R2 at the same time and the race starts. Very smooth indeed!

Paradise City itself is quite large and full of twists and turns as well as jumps. It’s sometimes fun just exploring the city and not bothering with races or challenges.

If there is any gripe I have about this game is that they did away with the traditional Crash Mode in the previous few games. That was actually my favorite mode in the series and to take that out seriously hurts. I absolutely loved trying to do as much cash damage as I could by destroying as many cars as possible. There is nothing more satisfying than doubling or tripling the gold medal score. Oh well I guess you can’t have everything.

Total score for this sequel is $35/$40 for the simple fact that Crash Mode was removed. Sad… so sad.

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