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Club Nintendo

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well apparently it’s active… or at least active in a very limited manner. I’ve been waiting for Nintendo to make this available for the US market for quite some time. It’s finally here but I’m guessing there is a $#it load of people trying to log on or sign up. As of this writing, I’ve only managed to do one survey so I’m at a whopping 50 coins. I guess I’ll just wait a few days and try to log on to finish up some other surveys.

One nice thing about signing up for me is that I was able to transfer all of my info from “My Nintendo” and I’ve been pretty darn up to date with it. Every nintendo item I have that’s able to be registered, is already registered. Less headaches for me not to mention the possible wasted time if I had to re-register everything. I’ll just need to do the surveys to earn the points. Looking at what I have registered, I’m probably going to be able to get the game & watch for my NDS and thensome. I’ll have plenty of points to spare 🙂

For anyone with a “My Nintendo” account, you should upgrade. For anyone with nintendo items out there, I suggest you register or sign up for Club Nintendo. It doesn’t take much effort to register your products and freebees are always great. Well I guess they aren’t truly free. It’s your time in exchange for nintendo products. I’m still cool with that.

I wish you all much gaming fun and many freebee an item from nintendo 🙂

  1. Tan
    December 21, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    When you think about it, it takes the equivalent of 16 Wii games to earn enough points for the Game & Watch compilation. 😛

    I’m a little disappointed that the G&W compilation only has three games on it. I may get the bookshelf ends instead or wait for something better down the road.

    “The Japanese Club Nintendo offers rewards such as Wii Remotes with television remote control functionality, exclusive and unreleased games such as Tingle’s Balloon Fight DS and Exclamation Warriors Sakeburein, game soundtrack CDs and exclusive accessories such as a Super Famicom style Classic Controller for the Wii.”

    I can bide my time!!

  2. Gil
    December 22, 2008 at 3:55 am

    Those are some very good points. Perhaps I will wait since the points don’t expire for 2 years. \
    I’ll tell ya, it’s nice having friends that are gamers and that aren’t signed up for Club Nintendo. I register their games as well since they don’t plan to sign up 😉 Extra points for me.

  3. January 6, 2009 at 4:22 am

    The thing I hate most about Club Nintendo is that, for some reason, you only get points for some of the games you register instead of all of them. I’ve registered several that I haven’t had the option of filling out a survey for the points.

    Also: I was going to as you if you wanted to do a link exchange, but it looks like I’m already there (Everyview)! Awesome! Like the site, bro. I’ll get a link up for you right now. 😀

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