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Hitting Close to Home

The whole economy thing has never really hit close to home until last week. The company that I work for decided that they had to let go of half the design department. Well the design department consisted of 2 people at the time so of course that means they let one of us go. You would guess that it would have been me but no, it was my good friend Adam. You would also guess that I would be feeling relieved that he was let go instead of me. That’s also wrong. It actually stresses me more because I know that I have a second income (my wife) but he’s pretty much on his own. It’s a $#!t deal really but the company has made its choice. Not much going to change that now. Even though Adam had seniority over me, here are my thoughts on why they let him go instead (whether these reasons are warranted or not).

First off I have a family to support.
Secondly I don’t work directly with the owner or the VP so my attitudes stay with me. He worked directly with them and was very open and honest about some of the less than ideal work conditions.
Thirdly, I think he got paid more than I do. But barely enough to be reason to choose one over the other.
Those are just my guesses though.
Worst part of the whole deal is that I knew the company wasn’t doing so well. Because of this, I had prepared myself to be let go. I really had absolutely no inkling that they would ever choose to let him go rather than me. That fact was more of the shocker to me than the fact that they got rid of half the department.

Man life can throw some MAD curve balls at you sometimes. I guess in those situations you just gotta swing and hope for the best.

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  1. March 27, 2009 at 5:06 am

    Man that really sucks. I hope your manages to support himself somehow without having to settle for a demeaning job.

    But you’re right. Life happens, we all just have to live with it. Sorry for your friend, again.

    I may work for near minimum wage as a bagger at a grocery store, but stories like these make me thankful for a work union. They can’t let me go no matter how bad I want to as long as I keep paying my dues.

    Actually… maybe getting let go from that place wouldn’t be so bad. It might actually motivate me to find a better job. But I’m just a lazy college kid, so it probably wouldn’t.

  2. Gil
    March 27, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    Yeah it does suck but it sounds like he’s doing alright. He says the “vacation” feeling is pretty much gone though. At least we still do lunch hour gaming on Thursdays.

    This isn’t really the time for anyone to be looking for a job. As bad as it may be, it may be a good idea to keep whatcha got 🙂

    I really feel bad for the kids that are graduating college this year. That first job is gonna be hell to find 😦

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