My PS3 HDD Upgrade

Well I finally did it. I’ve been eyeing a couple of hard drives for my PS3 lately and I decided to just bite the bullet and get one. It was probably more out of necessity than anything because of my 60 gig HDD (55 usable) I was at 1163MB left. That’s what was actually left after the manditory Resident Evil 5 install. I didn’t figure that 1GB was gonna last too long.

You know, I was a little stand offish about doing it but it truly is as easy as different sites and blogs have said.

PS3 HDD upgrade
1. Take the HDD cover off.

PS3 HDD upgrade
2. Unscrew the blue screw. Slide the HDD towards the front of the PS3 using the attached handle then slide it out.

PS3 HDD upgrade
3. Remove the old hard drive from the frame. Need to remove 4 tiny screws.

PS3 HDD Upgrade
4. Follow these instructions in reverse (with the new drive) and boot up the system. Follow onscreen instructions.

*One thing to note is that the screws are pretty soft and are easily stripped. Make sure to get a very tight fitting screwdriver and take your time in this process. Better to do it right the first time. Don’t want to have to find a way to remove tiny stripped screws from your delicate piece of hardware. That’s just my opinion.

Now there is the added steps of backing up your hard drive and restoring all of it but that’s pretty easy as well. After my complete install and backup restore, I’m now at 216GB left to burn. Ahh it’s nice to have breathing room again. 😀

  1. February 18, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    Can I just get a normal PC-hard drive? or are there special Hard drives like the 360 ones?

    • Gil
      February 19, 2010 at 10:40 pm

      Absolutely. There are no proprietary drives that the PS3 uses. Just make sure to get a laptop 2.5 form factor drive. The standard PS3 HDD is a seagate 2.5 5400 rpm drive. So it’s your call on if you want to use a 5400 rpm or a 7200 rpm drive. I hear they both work perfectly fine. I am currently using a seagate 320GB 7200 rpm laptop drive and have had no problems at all. Got it for $70 so it was a steal. Still got 200GB left to burn 😀

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