Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5: Collector's Edition

I have actually completed this game a few weeks ago but I have just recently completed it on normal difficulty. I’ll have to say it’s a great game. I really wasn’t sold on it from playing the demo but I purchased the game anyway. I’m a pretty die-hard Resident Evil fan. I had no choice.

If you loved RE4, you’ll definitely love RE5. It’s basically the same formula but fine tuned. I enjoyed the story and all of the tie-ins to the previous games. There is a lot of history in this game which probably wouldn’t really appeal to those that haven’t played the rest of the series but it’s great for people like me.

A nice change is that you can redo any stage you have already played. You don’t have to go through each stage sequentially. This gives you the advantage of being able to just redo a stage to gain cash and items to help in future stages. It also allows you to try and get a better score on the stage which is advantageous to those who are trying to unlock all of the trophies/achievements.

Controls have not been changed much from RE4. What RE5 has changed though is that it has incorporated a much needed shortcut for weapon swapping. Essentially you can assign weapons to any of the four primary directions on your D-pad. Quite handy in those action packed intense moments.

Item management has gone through some heavy evolution. RE4 had a briefcase that you used to organize items anyway you felt fit to. Size of items also mattered because each item used up a different amount of space in the briefcase. You could upgrade the case multiple times in order to hold more items. RE5 does away with this system and instead limits you to 9 slots (per character – 18 total between Chris and Shiva). Each slot can carry one item of any size or shape. So essentially a slot could carry a grenade or a rocket launcher. You would think if a rocket launcher fit in a slot, you could probably fit more than one grenade into it. Not in this game. Anyway I’m ok with it because this inventory system is only in effect during gameplay. In the main menu, there is an item management area where you have a very large stash. You can place anything you have gained during gameplay into this stash for later use. This is a very handy place to save weapons that are less effective in certain areas of the game and swap out for more effective ones. What’s also great is that you can access this while in the game in a kind of sneaky way. Once you reach a checkpoint, just pause and select restart. It will start you right back at this checkpoint but will allow you to access your secret stash first. This will allow you to unload your full inventory or grab a better weapon for the boss of the stage. I use this technique quite often.

Aside from story elements and these minor control changes, there really isn’t much difference from RE4. Shiva is pretty much an armed Ashley. Weapon types are essentially all the same albeit a larger selection. Controls still have the annoying – stop to shoot – style. It’s Resident Evil 4 with a facelift. I love it all the same.

-Great graphics
-Decent story
-Great weapon selection
-Good replay value
-True to the series (perhaps too true concerning controls)

My grade for this game would be $70/$90 for the collector’s edition or a $50/$60 for standard.

  1. Badgürl
    December 22, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    You know I wanted this but could never find it. So ended up getting the standard edtion. Will you be getting the RE5 Gold Edition when it comes out? It looks pretty cool from what I seen of it. New game modes, outfits, and more missions. Oh different endings too since this is considered the directors cut.

    • Gil
      December 22, 2009 at 10:48 pm

      I’m definitely thinking about it. I’ve been a huge RE fan ever since I met the first zombie in the original. That was a huge moment in gaming for me. I thought to myself, gaming can’t possibly be any better than this!

      Lots of great stuff coming out next year I tell ya. Got Darksiders preordered so I’ll be heavy into that early next year.

  2. Badgürl
    December 23, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Darksiders, army of two the 40th day, god of war 3, final fantasty, gran turismo 5(finally!!), dead to rights, max panye, red dead redemption, the list go on and on lol. but i love that they are spread out and dont just all come out in Oct. lol. only thing i had about oct. A LOT of games come out during that month, that you want but can only pick and choose lol

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