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An Hour in the Life of my Temple Knight

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The temple knight knew what lay ahead but he knew that with the world in pure white tendency, he’d have a better chance of survival. He prepared by visiting the local merchant and exchanging souls for arrows. After failing archery training numerous times, he felt the need to overestimate his arrow needs. 640 arrows may seem like a lot but with a weak bow arm, this may not even be enough. After packing this enormous horde of arrows in his magical satchel of shrinking, (it’s the only way I can explain why 2 shields, 3 swords, 2 bows, 120 or so herbs, 640 arrows is not digitally rendered on my character) he gathered up some herbs and began on his journey.

The quickest way to the Blue Dragon was through the Penetrator’s Archstone. He knew this place well for death met him here more than once. He moved forward. Through the archway ahead he could see the body of a dragon and 3 archers perched atop. This would be easy to get by since they had not seen him yet. Two arrows in each and they were dispatched. Moving on he noticed a red glow past the body of the dragon. It was a trio of black phantoms. This could be a bad situation just waiting to happen but if he could fight each individually it would be much more manageable. Hiding behind the dragon, the temple knight shot an arrow at one of the phantoms. It began to head his way. Backing out through the archway he fought it one on one and came out smelling like roses. He defeated the other two in a similar fashion.

Continuing on his path he was able to spot 2 crystal lizards and was even lucky enough to defeat them. Per usual they dropped some pretty nice stones. These were always wonderful materials to upgrade his weapons with. It’s unfortunate that these lizards make a rather rare appearance and even worse, they can completely vanish if not captured quickly.

Past this point there was a tower and he could hear the dragon up top. It was the only way up so he knew he must push on. Up the stairs he was able to easily defeat 2 red eye knights and 2 archers. Atop the tower and looking through the doorway he could see the monster. It was perched atop another tower and in plain view. Testing how alert the dragon was, he inched forward out of the doorway. Upon taking a few steps, the dragon looked his way and reared back in preparation for a forceful belch of fire. Before the fire came, the temple knight was safely back in the tower. Now that he knew where a safe sniping location was, he decided to test a few arrows. With his uncanny ability to see exactly how much damage each arrow was doing, he realized that he needed to prepare for the long haul. He calculated that at 18 dmg per arrow, it was going to take a lot of arrows to kill this beast. He placed a nice picnic blanket at the doorway and set out his 600+ arrows next to him. Just to lighten his load he leaned his swords and shield against the stone wall. Time to do some dragon slaying.

After about 30 minutes of using the dragon’s head as an arrow pincushion, the temple knight had a sudden gasp of panic. Across his mental picture was large red text that said a black phantom had invaded his realm. He knew that if he were to be defeated by this black phantom, all progress on the blue dragon would be lost. He was totally caught unawares and was ill prepared for such a battle. He quickly grabbed his equipment and slowly descended the tower. As he closed in on the bottom of the tower he noticed a shadow rushing out of the doorway and it only had a faint glow of life left. This was his chance! He jumped down the rest of the stairs and went in heavy pursuit throwing caution to the wind. Rushing out the stone arched doorway he turned the corner and at that instant he felt a sharp pain in his chest. Looking down he saw a single arrow sticking out of his armor. He knew this was bad because he noticed his entire life bar turn orange and drain away. He slumped over onto the floor and saw the assassin walking his way. As everything became blurry and dark, all he could think to himself was… “Damn you LPepsi-Cola… damn you for making me waste 300 arrows and my entire lunch break”.

  1. Cyn
    February 21, 2010 at 8:19 pm

    Lol. This post really made my day.. an interesting way to discuss/share a game experience. You should do these types of posts more often. 🙂 Good luck on continuing to finish your games. ❤

  2. Gil
    February 22, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Hey thanks Cyn. At first when I was killed by LPepsi-Cola, I was a little perturbed. Then I thought about what had happened in context with real life and realized how silly it actually was. I thought it would be fun to try and put myself in my in-game character’s shoes. I guess overall it wasn’t a wasted lunch break because it has actually made me enjoy the game more. Also LPepsi-Cola apologized for the incident and gave me some pointers on how to kill the dragon.

    with that newfound knowledge I was able to defeat the beast… with only 1 more death added to the many before it. Oh and I ended up using only 200 or so arrows. Much better than I had expected. Good times 🙂

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