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Xbox Live Update – Halo: Reach

April 11, 2011 6 comments

Halo Reach Preview Disc

How convenient! Look what I just got in the mail. I’m so friggin excited I can’t contain myself! I just got the Halo: Reach preview disc that allows me to update my Xbox Live! Whoop dee doo! I absolutely cannot wait to dig into… oh wait. My console is currently out of commission. Please see previous post. Nice Microsoft, nice.

Oh I forgot to post an update for the last post. To put it simply, they told me it’s out of warranty. I need to pay em 120 bones if I wanted them to fix it or I could go through the online hoops to get it repaired for 100 bones. This is of course sans shipping costs. I don’t think so. It can sit on the shelf and rot for all I care. Glad I hadn’t invested that much into the system but it still pisses me off cause my lady bought it for me as an out of the blue gift 😦


E 74 Error

April 2, 2011 2 comments

E 74 Error

Great. I rarely if ever use my 360 Elite (If I’m lucky I average 3-4 hrs a week on it). I tend to play my PS3 more for the simple fact that I’ve had it longer and it has free online play. Now while watching a DVD on my 360 I noticed some vertical bands across the screen and the video seeming very low res. This is even considering it’s always looked fine with the HDMI connections to the HDTV. I decided to check the video settings to see if something was amiss. Everything looked proper. I decided I’d just restart the system. Typically that would fix any issues but what ended up happening was that I got a flashy quarter red ring and a screen that said I had an E 74 Error. I am not pleased at all. If anything I’m pissed! I’ve probably not even logged in a tenth of the hours into this system as my PS3 and it has failed me. I don’t have it enclosed in an entertainment stand and I dust it often. There would be absolutely no reason for it to fail considering the way I baby my systems. Totally unacceptable no matter how you look at it.

According to the xBox site, the warranty for this type of error is 3 years from purchase date. Get this, I have the original receipt and guess what? It was purchased by my wife as a gift to me exactly 3 years and 21 days ago. Coincidence? I think not. I’ve contacted xBox support regarding this issue. I guess we’ll just have to see how they respond on Monday or Tuesday. I’m really not expecting much from them considering they pretty much still deny they had any wrong doing considering bad consoles. This kinda $#!t infuriates me! Today I hate Microsoft almost as much as I hate Gamestop.

xBox Live Silver = Almost Useless

January 21, 2010 3 comments

I ran out of my Gold subscription to xBox live last month and never bothered to renew it. Just didn’t find it necessary since I’m on the PS3 more often and it has free online gaming. Anyhoo I logged onto my xBox live account online and wanted to send a message to one of my gaming buddies. Well guess what I learned? You can’t send messages if you don’t have a Gold account. WTF! You serious Microsoft!? One of the most basic features of any internet connection in this age is completely devoid from XBox Live??? Basic message sending???? I mean, gmail is free and it has instant messaging. Hell it has video chat… and it’s FREE! Yahoo even has those options. I just don’t get it. I can justify (to myself) a cost for online gameplay but message sending? Man that’s stooping pretty low. Less respect towards Microsoft I tell ya.

PS3 or Wii or 360?

December 17, 2009 8 comments

It’s the holidays. A season of giving and a season of receiving. Now I have all current home consoles and so my friends seem to think I’m the guy to ask about which console to buy as a gift (or for themselves for that matter). I figure I get that question enough so why not just have my personal opinion shared to anyone willing to read this. It’s probably a little late for those who need to purchase a console for someone this year but I’m hoping it will be handy for the after holiday sales.

Now this question is asked all over the place of course and there is no definitive answer. It really depends on what the end user needs or wants and not truly a question of which console is better. I’ll try to break down all of this information so it’s approachable to gamer or non-gamer alike.

Overall Cost:
Wii Console – $199 (Extra wiimote + nunchuck = $59.98) (New games = $49.99)
360 Elite – $299 (Extra controller = $49.99) (New games = $59.99)
PS3 Slim – $299 (Extra controller = $54.99) (New games = $59.99)

Internal memory:
Wii Console – 512MB expandable with an SD memory card (max 2GB)
360 Elite – 120GB HDD (possible future expansion to 250GB?)
PS3 Slim – 120GB HDD expandable with just about any 2.5 form factor HDD

Backwards compatibility:
Wii Console – 100% with Gamecube Games and also controllers/memory cards
360 Elite – Limited with original xBox games
PS3 Slim – None

Hardware internet capabilities:
Wii Console – Wireless modem built in (need adapter to hardline)
360 Elite – Standard ethernet modem built in (need adapter to go wireless)
PS3 Slim – Both wireless and standard ethernet built in

Internet capabilities:
Wii Console – Limited online play, Opera browser, Downloadable games and demos
360 Elite – Full online play (with $49.99 yearly fee), no browser, Downloadable games, game content, demos, movies, trailers, Netflix streaming
PS3 Slim – Full online play, proprietary browser, Downloadable games, game content, demos, movies, trailers, Netflix streaming.

Video playbaback capabilities:
Wii Console – None
360 Elite – DVD playback
PS3 – Blu-ray & DVD playback

High definition capabilities:
Wii Console – None. Limited to 480p with component cables
360 Elite – Up to full 1080p with HDMI or component cables
PS3 Slim – Up to full 1080p with HDMI or component cables

Recognizable exclusive games:
Wii (Nintendo) – Any Mario game, Any Zelda game, Any Metroid game
360 (XBox) – Halo series, Gears of War series
PS3 (Playstation) – Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted series

You’ll notice that this information doesn’t really help at all in deciding which system to purchase. It just gives pretty much the low down about each system and nothing about the games or gameplay. Man I can totally ramble on about consoles. Anyway if you were just looking at this info here’s what it breaks down to:

Wii has the upper hand on cost and backwards compatibility.
360 is tied with PS3 on internal memory and high def capabilities.
PS3 has the upper hand on hardware internet, internet and video playback capabilities.

There are so many nuances of each system and more details that I could get into but I’ll get into that with each individual console in the near future. For now I hope this information confuses you even more. Enjoy the incoming break. Great time to catch up on some gaming 😀

Gears of War 2: Limited Edition

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Gears of War 2

Check it out! Gears of War 2: Limited Edition with bonus Centaur Tank! It was a Best Buy exclusive I believe. I also managed to score the codes for the gold-plated Lancer and the gold plated Hammerburst. Nice but virtual gear really doesn’t strike my fancy.

Gears of War 2

Ok if it’s not obvious, I’m way behind. This should have been up when I got it at midnight at BestBuy but I can honestly say it’s been rather busy. That aint no lie. I haven’t actually played the game yet either. Can you believe it?

Right now with the holidays and such, there is a very limited amount of time to play anything at all. I’m trying not to spread myself too thin so I’m currently focusing on Dead Space and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I plan to jump into either Gears 2 or Fallout 3 after that. I guess the determining factor would be if Fallout 3 has the trophy patch released by the time I finish up Dead Space. I guess only time will tell.

Ninety Nine Nights (N3)

February 8, 2007 Leave a comment

Ninety Nine Nights

After playing through this game with 3 characters (of 7) so far, I can honestly say this is a game well worth the $30 price tag on it. It’s not the most in depth game that you can get but it’s definitely an instant gratification button masher at its finest. Graphics are top notch with details oozing from the characters and lush environments. Aside from the characters running rather slow, the controls are tight. I would almost say it’s as tight as God of War or Ninja Gaiden Black. Maybe not that good but pretty darn close.

Some complain that the game itself is rather short.  I can see where they are coming from but I would say that the game length is just about right.  Each character’s storyline is admittedly short but when you combine all of them into the lump sum, it’s a decent stretch to complete.  Besides, It’s great to be able to see each characters place in the whole story.

If you are a fan of massive carnage and button mashing, I’d say this game is for you.  I’m not exactly one of those but I can honestly say I have enjoyed it so far.  Don’t ask me what the title of the game means because I don’t know. Heck I don’t really care since it’s just so darn fun getting 1500 hit combos from time to time. Can’t beat that!

Wii vs. PS3 vs. 360

September 26, 2006 19 comments

I’m tired of all the “Fanboys/girls” hating on competing systems. It is especially apparent now that the next gen is counting down to release. It seems most of them have no idea about the histories of some of these game companies. Heck I don’t even think some of these people have ever experienced the original NES or even the original Playstation for that matter.

I don’t even remember the name of the first video game system I owned (a pong wannabe system) but it was part of the first generation of home game systems available (for reference, Wii, PS3 and the 360 are considered 7th generation). Because of owning and researching older consoles, I think I have enough background to at least comment about the next gen/current gen in a minimally biased view.

So here goes… To the best of my knowledge, here is my view and opinions on the Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 (I will only be commenting on the full systems and not the dumbed down cheaper versions of the PS3 and 360).

Microsoft XBox 360:


  1. Detachable 20gig HDD
  2. Already available for purchase
  3. Free basic online service (fee for premium service) and from my understanding, the most user friendly interface
  4. Wireless controllers
  5. DVD capable (HD-DVD add on in the near future)
  6. Dolby 5.1 Dolby Digital audio capable
  7. Memory card and camera support


  1. High price point ($400)
  2. Partial backwards compatibility (working on all games to be compatible)

Sony Playstation 3:


  1. Most powerful of the next gen systems (processor power alone)
  2. Built in 60gig HDD
  3. Blu-ray drive
  4. DVD capabilities
  5. Multi-media friendly (Accepts Memory stick, SD/MMC and Compact flash)
  6. Wireless controllers
  7. Online capable (free service)
  8. Backwards compatible
  9. Able to communicate with the PSP
  10. 5.1 Dolby Digital capable audio
  11. Intended to be an all encompassing media center


  1. Highest price point ($600)
  2. Bulkiest of the systems
  3. Need to purchase a separate adapter for PSOne & PS2 memory card support

Nintendo Wii:


  1. Lowest price point ($250)
  2. Ultimate backwards compatability (download of older generation games possible from NES, Turbo-Graphx 16, Sega Genesis etc)
  3. Online capable (Wireless built in but Ethernet attachment available)
  4. Wireless controllers
  5. Completely new interactive gameplay mechanics (innovative motion sensing controllers)
  6. Large list of Nintendo console specific franchises ie Metroid, Zelda, Mario etc
  7. Able to communicate with the Nintendo DS
  8. Smallest of the systems (approx 3 DVD cases stacked)
  9. Software bundled with the console (Wii Sports)
  10. GC hardware support built in – 4 GC controller ports and 2 memory card ports
  11. Fastest load times from booting up system to start menu of games
  12. Photo viewing software built in to read images off of the SD card


  1. No HDD only 512 mb built in flash memory which is not necessarily bad but that amount of memory is substantially less than either of the other systems. (expandable with SD card slots)(potential increase via external usb mass storage)
  2. Weakest system in terms of raw processor power and graphic capabilities
  3. No DVD capabilies
  4. only Dolby Pro Logic II capable audio

That’s it for now.