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E 74 Error

April 2, 2011 2 comments

E 74 Error

Great. I rarely if ever use my 360 Elite (If I’m lucky I average 3-4 hrs a week on it). I tend to play my PS3 more for the simple fact that I’ve had it longer and it has free online play. Now while watching a DVD on my 360 I noticed some vertical bands across the screen and the video seeming very low res. This is even considering it’s always looked fine with the HDMI connections to the HDTV. I decided to check the video settings to see if something was amiss. Everything looked proper. I decided I’d just restart the system. Typically that would fix any issues but what ended up happening was that I got a flashy quarter red ring and a screen that said I had an E 74 Error. I am not pleased at all. If anything I’m pissed! I’ve probably not even logged in a tenth of the hours into this system as my PS3 and it has failed me. I don’t have it enclosed in an entertainment stand and I dust it often. There would be absolutely no reason for it to fail considering the way I baby my systems. Totally unacceptable no matter how you look at it.

According to the xBox site, the warranty for this type of error is 3 years from purchase date. Get this, I have the original receipt and guess what? It was purchased by my wife as a gift to me exactly 3 years and 21 days ago. Coincidence? I think not. I’ve contacted xBox support regarding this issue. I guess we’ll just have to see how they respond on Monday or Tuesday. I’m really not expecting much from them considering they pretty much still deny they had any wrong doing considering bad consoles. This kinda $#!t infuriates me! Today I hate Microsoft almost as much as I hate Gamestop.


Random Question

June 11, 2010 8 comments

Just got myself a PSPgo (Dell is the shizzle: white PSPgo for $158 and that includes tax no shipping). Anyway I’m reading up on all the dandy features of the PSP in general and noticed something odd. It can sync up with a PS3, log onto the internet via wifi or bluetooth, download games and etc. Well all this being true, why aren’t there any PSP games with trophy support???? Wouldn’t adding trophy support be a no brainer? Just wondering.

Leap Day PS3K Bug

March 1, 2010 1 comment

I’m only speculating as to what the issues are hence the title of this post.

Ok I’m sure most if not all PS3 Phat owners already know that there’s a problem with their system. It’s near impossible to use the system because of some internal clock error according to

Of course this was rather apparent to most of us owners because of our system clock reset to 5:30PM December 31st of 1999 and barely anything works. I am unable to access the Playstation network with my 60GB Phat and worse yet, I can’t even play or use any of my DLC that I have purchased. Now this issue is apparently only affecting old systems and I can vouch for that. My 250GB slim works find but my 60GB phat is out of commission.Sony is hard at work figuring this out and they say not to use your system until they find out more. They hope to have it resolved within 24 hrs. Here’s to hoping that all my data on my hdd isn’t completely corrupt.

Oh and regarding the internal clock being reset to 1999,

PS3: It only does Time Travel

PS3 or Wii or 360?

December 17, 2009 8 comments

It’s the holidays. A season of giving and a season of receiving. Now I have all current home consoles and so my friends seem to think I’m the guy to ask about which console to buy as a gift (or for themselves for that matter). I figure I get that question enough so why not just have my personal opinion shared to anyone willing to read this. It’s probably a little late for those who need to purchase a console for someone this year but I’m hoping it will be handy for the after holiday sales.

Now this question is asked all over the place of course and there is no definitive answer. It really depends on what the end user needs or wants and not truly a question of which console is better. I’ll try to break down all of this information so it’s approachable to gamer or non-gamer alike.

Overall Cost:
Wii Console – $199 (Extra wiimote + nunchuck = $59.98) (New games = $49.99)
360 Elite – $299 (Extra controller = $49.99) (New games = $59.99)
PS3 Slim – $299 (Extra controller = $54.99) (New games = $59.99)

Internal memory:
Wii Console – 512MB expandable with an SD memory card (max 2GB)
360 Elite – 120GB HDD (possible future expansion to 250GB?)
PS3 Slim – 120GB HDD expandable with just about any 2.5 form factor HDD

Backwards compatibility:
Wii Console – 100% with Gamecube Games and also controllers/memory cards
360 Elite – Limited with original xBox games
PS3 Slim – None

Hardware internet capabilities:
Wii Console – Wireless modem built in (need adapter to hardline)
360 Elite – Standard ethernet modem built in (need adapter to go wireless)
PS3 Slim – Both wireless and standard ethernet built in

Internet capabilities:
Wii Console – Limited online play, Opera browser, Downloadable games and demos
360 Elite – Full online play (with $49.99 yearly fee), no browser, Downloadable games, game content, demos, movies, trailers, Netflix streaming
PS3 Slim – Full online play, proprietary browser, Downloadable games, game content, demos, movies, trailers, Netflix streaming.

Video playbaback capabilities:
Wii Console – None
360 Elite – DVD playback
PS3 – Blu-ray & DVD playback

High definition capabilities:
Wii Console – None. Limited to 480p with component cables
360 Elite – Up to full 1080p with HDMI or component cables
PS3 Slim – Up to full 1080p with HDMI or component cables

Recognizable exclusive games:
Wii (Nintendo) – Any Mario game, Any Zelda game, Any Metroid game
360 (XBox) – Halo series, Gears of War series
PS3 (Playstation) – Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted series

You’ll notice that this information doesn’t really help at all in deciding which system to purchase. It just gives pretty much the low down about each system and nothing about the games or gameplay. Man I can totally ramble on about consoles. Anyway if you were just looking at this info here’s what it breaks down to:

Wii has the upper hand on cost and backwards compatibility.
360 is tied with PS3 on internal memory and high def capabilities.
PS3 has the upper hand on hardware internet, internet and video playback capabilities.

There are so many nuances of each system and more details that I could get into but I’ll get into that with each individual console in the near future. For now I hope this information confuses you even more. Enjoy the incoming break. Great time to catch up on some gaming 😀

My PS3 HDD Upgrade

April 8, 2009 2 comments

Well I finally did it. I’ve been eyeing a couple of hard drives for my PS3 lately and I decided to just bite the bullet and get one. It was probably more out of necessity than anything because of my 60 gig HDD (55 usable) I was at 1163MB left. That’s what was actually left after the manditory Resident Evil 5 install. I didn’t figure that 1GB was gonna last too long.

You know, I was a little stand offish about doing it but it truly is as easy as different sites and blogs have said.

PS3 HDD upgrade
1. Take the HDD cover off.

PS3 HDD upgrade
2. Unscrew the blue screw. Slide the HDD towards the front of the PS3 using the attached handle then slide it out.

PS3 HDD upgrade
3. Remove the old hard drive from the frame. Need to remove 4 tiny screws.

PS3 HDD Upgrade
4. Follow these instructions in reverse (with the new drive) and boot up the system. Follow onscreen instructions.

*One thing to note is that the screws are pretty soft and are easily stripped. Make sure to get a very tight fitting screwdriver and take your time in this process. Better to do it right the first time. Don’t want to have to find a way to remove tiny stripped screws from your delicate piece of hardware. That’s just my opinion.

Now there is the added steps of backing up your hard drive and restoring all of it but that’s pretty easy as well. After my complete install and backup restore, I’m now at 216GB left to burn. Ahh it’s nice to have breathing room again. 😀

My Updated Basement/Game Collection

June 21, 2008 5 comments

My Game CollectionMy Game Collection

Ok this has actually been completed for about a month now but there still seems to be way more on my plate than I had expected. This is really the first time that I’ve had time to blog about anything in a while.

I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment and I’m quite glad that I didn’t have any basement flooding issues. That would have been devastating considering the nature of this project. This is the first time that most of my collection has been on display as opposed to tucked away in plastic tubs. The tubs were great but it’s really hard to box up what you are really proud of. Things like this need to be displayed appropriately. As of now, this is the best I can do but I plan to expand this at some point down the road. When I get a newer/bigger house and can dedicate an entire room to gaming memorabilia, I’ll definitely expand the collection and display. 🙂

My Game CollectionMy Game Collection

My Xbox 360 Elite

March 13, 2008 5 comments

My 360

Ok I’m finally in the ranks of 360 owners. It came a LOT sooner than I had expected and honestly it’s the best 360 in the world IMHO. You may wonder why because it looks like a standard 360 and plays like a standard 360. Well what makes this system so special is because I received it as a gift. The gift wasn’t because it was my birthday or because it was a special holiday. It was given to me because “I am the best husband in the world” according to my wife. Yes my wife gave it to me of all people (using her allowance no less). Now how many guys can say that about their wives or girlfriends!? This is even knowing my love of video games and how much time I spend on them. I do admit that I have been working quite hard on the house and of course house chores and dinner and etc, etc but that’s just the job of a good husband. Anywho I’ll give you my first impression of the 360. Ok maybe it’s not my first impression since I’ve used a 360 previously but close enough.

My 360

First off, people weren’t lying when they said it was a loud system. I could have my PS3 and Wii on at the same time and it wouldn’t make as much noise as that 360 by itself. That’s just not right when I have to drown out the sound by cranking up my stereo.

The dashboard leaves something to be desired for me. Perhaps it’s just because I’m used to using the XMB on the PS3 but I don’t think so. I think it’s more of the fact that everything seems so cluttered. It’s way too busy. Having a design background, I feel that less is more when it comes to visual appeal. Also readability is lost when there is so much going on.

Navigation on the dashboard seems similar to the XMB so that’s one plus for me since I’m used to it. I unfortunately don’t always know what is currently selected.

The wireless controllers are great. They are actually more comfortable and substantial than the PS3 controllers. It feels like I’m holding a piece of hardware rather than a child’s toy.

Graphics are top notch. Actually they are on par to the PS3 from what I’ve noticed and of course superior to the Wii.

My 360

So far the only complaints are:

  1. The controller wouldn’t connect with the system at one point in time.
  2. The system is pretty loud.
  3. I think it’s scratching discs already but I’ll have to keep an eye on it. It may have been from something else.
  4. The system froze up on me once already. Funny thing is that the only thing I was doing was trying to watch a game trailer. Wasn’t even playing a game… That’s pretty sad.

Well that’s it for now. Oh and I made sure to get a 360 with the newer chipset. Well at least I think it is. I’m hoping that mine won’t have the dreaded rrod so I’m taking every precaution that I can. Here’s to hoping that mine survives the test of time.

Game On everyone!