– Grading Scale –

I’ve never liked the game grading scales that many magazines or websites tend to use. Numbers can be so arbitrary so I’ve come up with my own scale which uses a basic (how much cash should I spend on this game) idea. There have been some questions regarding how I grade so I’ll just give you the lowdown here.

Here is a basic example of a score that I would give – $45/$60.

The first number is what I deem the game is worth in cash value. The second number is what I paid for the game or how much you can expect to pay for it at the store.

So in this example, if you were to find the game for $45 or less, I’d say get it because I feel that the entertainment value is worth at most $45. If you find the game for more than that, I’d say wait until the price drops below the $45 threshold. Voila! Hope this has cleared things up.

  1. Badgürl
    December 22, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    thats a good system. and im the same way. i stopped getting gaming magazines and such, cause it was all biased. especially when one mag. favors 1 system and tries to compare everything else to it…hate that. and most of the websites are the same as well. so i always go off what friends say, or what the guy at gamestop says. but he usually lets me play a little in store if there is a used copy lol. sadly i think that alot of games now days really arent worth the $60 they ask for. thats why i was kind of shocked to see the newest ratchet and clank go for $40 new…speaking of which why havent i picked that up yet…hmmmmm

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