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Allergy Issues

January 31, 2011 7 comments

Egg White Allergen – Class 6

Peanut Allergen – Class 5

Wheat Allergen – Class 4

Milk Allergen – Class 4

Cat/Dog Allergen – Class 3

Soybean Allergen – Class 3

Immunoglobulin E – 898 Whereas 0-230 is normal

My 7 month old son is a wreck and the next many many years of his life will definitely be interesting. Not quite looking forward to it. His special formula alone is going to cost roughly $140 a week. Even after he finishes up needing formula, what the heck do we feed the kid?

On a good note, I think we figured out where his incessant itching and horrible skin rashes are coming from 😀

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