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1000 Trophies

November 15, 2010 2 comments


Just broke the 1000 mark on trophies. Coincidentally it was also my Heavy Rain Platinum trophy that made the 1000 mark. My 11th platinum trophy was also my 1000th trophy. How strange and almost mind bending. My head asplode!


Club Nintendo

January 20, 2010 3 comments

Woo Hoo!

Club Nintendo

As you can see, I have broken Platinum Status in Club Nintendo! Now this may not mean much to any of you but come November, I’ll get a sweet Club Nintendo Platinum status gift from Nintendo. Last year it was a replica Mario Hat. I wished I was platinum status last year but alas, I only made gold. Even so they sent me a pretty cool Nintendo calendar for making gold status. It’s nice to at least get some rewards for buying games no matter how small. Oh and I have 1060 points to burn on Club Nintendo merchandise which is a nice bonus as well 😀