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Xbox Live Update – Halo: Reach

April 11, 2011 6 comments

Halo Reach Preview Disc

How convenient! Look what I just got in the mail. I’m so friggin excited I can’t contain myself! I just got the Halo: Reach preview disc that allows me to update my Xbox Live! Whoop dee doo! I absolutely cannot wait to dig into… oh wait. My console is currently out of commission. Please see previous post. Nice Microsoft, nice.

Oh I forgot to post an update for the last post. To put it simply, they told me it’s out of warranty. I need to pay em 120 bones if I wanted them to fix it or I could go through the online hoops to get it repaired for 100 bones. This is of course sans shipping costs. I don’t think so. It can sit on the shelf and rot for all I care. Glad I hadn’t invested that much into the system but it still pisses me off cause my lady bought it for me as an out of the blue gift 😦



January 28, 2010 3 comments

I don’t think I can say enough about this game.

I am more than pleasantly surprised by it. Its simple play style opens up to some very complex puzzles. You really need to think outside the box to figure some of them out. Oh and the final level – Brilliant!

Story is quite touching as well. Thought provoking yet presented in simple text format. Love that contrast.

In a time when graphics are a huge selling point, Braid shows that it’s not the biggest selling point. It’s simple, clean and quite honestly, the perfect way of presenting this game. I love the artistic flair to the graphics. The brush strokes give it a natural and organic feel to the world. It’s a visual treat.

If you were to ask me what dollar value I’d put on the game… I couldn’t. I will simply say that it deserves every penny of the $15 price point that it goes for. People have argued that the price point is too high because of the games length. I believe the length has no bearing on the quality of this two man show. It has definitely made me rethink what is truly necessary in a game. Its value goes beyond generic dollar terms.

A simply amazing game that has deserved all of the rave reviews that it has received.

My Thoughts – Darksiders

January 25, 2010 3 comments


Well I have finished it… On Apocalyptic mode I might add. Twas much easier than expected but I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s a great third person hack and slash game. Anyone who has played any Devil May Cry or God of War will be comfortable in the apocalyptic lands of Darksiders.
Actually, anyone who has played either of those should jump straight to apocalyptic mode. It’s a much easier and forgiving game than those.

Controls are tight which is one of my favorite aspects of the game. There was just enough story to keep my interest but not too much to detract from the core purpose of the game. That would be to just kick ass all over the place (don’t even bother with taking names). Considering that this game is about the apocalypse or end of days or whatever you want to call it, the art style had a punch that I didn’t expect. It looks amazing! Sharp details and bright colors aplenty. The contrast of gritty demons to bright and vibrant angels looks pretty awesome. I especially liked the glow of War’s Sword with different enhancements. Purple flames look pretty sweet on his obscenely large sword.

The one thing they could have done away with was Mercy. Seriously guys, what would War need with a revolver? Couldn’t you have thought up some much cooler projectile weapon? The only time I used the silly thing was to kill the worms… which was unfortunately the ONLY way to kill them.

Anyway, this game is a great fill in before God of War III gets released. Don’t expect anything new here though. Darksiders plays it safe. It takes the great parts from so many other games and melds them into one tight little package and it does a surprisingly good job at it.

Overall I’d give it a $55/$60 for the mere fact that it tries nothing new but does an excellent job with combining the tried and true.

My Resident Evil 5 (CE) Preorder

February 24, 2009 1 comment

As the days have gone by and I’ve had more time to think, I’m doubting my preorder of this game.

My RE5 Preorder

I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil series and I absolutely loved RE4. That being said, it’s natural that I would want this game. I have also preordered it at an awesome discounted price. I’d say that $74.99 total (free shipping & no tax) is awesome considering that the Collector’s edition runs for $89.99 plus shipping and handling at most other online retailers.

There’s more than one issue that’s bothering me about the preorder. First off, I’ve played the demo and the fact is… I’m not really sold on the gameplay. I know that I’ll love the story because I love the series and I always want to know more. I just couldn’t get used to the controls and physics. I think I got a little spoiled with Dead Space. The controls were tight (aside from lack of a 180° turn) and the weapons had a real solid feel. When you shot something, it felt like you were hitting it hard. RE5 feels like you’re shooting with a BB gun.

Secondly, I doubt there will be a shortage of collector’s editions. If I wait it out, I’ll probably see a stack of them on an endcap somewhere for 50% off or so.

Which brings me to the third issue. I have too many games to play as it is. Even if I were to get this game on release day, it would inevitably sit on my shelf for the next year before I started playing it.

I know that I’ll be getting this game eventually. It’s a question of whether it’s sooner or later. So the question I leave you with is this:

Is it worth my time to get it on release day at a roughly $15 – $20 discounted price just to let it sit on the shelf for an unknown amount of time? Or should I just wait until I find the CE on sale somewhere else in the late future when I actually have time to play it?

Recent Target Deals

February 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I admit that I frequent Target way more than I should. One thing I love about that store is the clearance endcaps. I especially like to visit the ones close to the electronics department. I have found many a deal there and sometimes I find things that I just can’t leave on the shelf. One time I found GTA IV Special Edition for $44.99 and by golly I snatched that up with the quickness.

Last Remnant

Just over the weekend I picked up the Last Remnant. I’ve been eyeing it since before its release but had never picked it up. Well with a price point of $29.98 I decided it was time. I realize that I won’t get to it for quite some time since Fallout 3 is eating up time. I also have Infinite Undiscovery to get to as well. Oh well, at least it’s on my shelf waiting to get played. I’ll get to it hopefully sooner than later and I’ll try to write up a quick review of it. Until then, let’s keep on gaming!

Final Fantasy III

September 3, 2008 3 comments

Final Fantasy III

I picked this up about a month back but I’m still in the process of completing it. I will have to say that this is quite a good game. Apparently Final Fantasy III never came to the states and so most westerners were unable to experience this game. I’m glad that Squenix decided to update this gem and release it to the US.

The 3D graphics are quite good on the DS. Visuals are bright and colorful. Even though the graphics seem somewhat dated (it almost looks PSOne quality) it still looks great considering it’s on a portable game system.

Controls are great! You can use the typical button setup but also you can use the touchscreen for essentially every aspect of the game. It’s nice to be able to switch off depending on my mood or if I get bored of one control scheme.

Story has been decent so far. I don’t know if the story was changed at all with this remake but it’s lacking in depth. I’m guessing it’s pretty much a direct story port. I actually don’t mind since I’m pretty much into old school RPG’s which brings me to the fact that it’s just an old school port with a fresh coat of paint.

I’m enjoying the simplicity quite a bit. Sometimes I feel like newer RPG’s try to be too much and become overly cumbersome. Final Fantasy III doesn’t do that and I love it for that. If you’re looking for some old school RPG time but don’t want to plug in the ol NES or SNES, this is a great game for you. If you are looking for more depth in an RPG, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Overall I’d give it a $20/$20

Grand Theft Auto IV

May 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Grand Theft Auto IV

All I can say is… don’t expect any updates soon 😉