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PS3 or Wii or 360?

December 17, 2009 8 comments

It’s the holidays. A season of giving and a season of receiving. Now I have all current home consoles and so my friends seem to think I’m the guy to ask about which console to buy as a gift (or for themselves for that matter). I figure I get that question enough so why not just have my personal opinion shared to anyone willing to read this. It’s probably a little late for those who need to purchase a console for someone this year but I’m hoping it will be handy for the after holiday sales.

Now this question is asked all over the place of course and there is no definitive answer. It really depends on what the end user needs or wants and not truly a question of which console is better. I’ll try to break down all of this information so it’s approachable to gamer or non-gamer alike.

Overall Cost:
Wii Console – $199 (Extra wiimote + nunchuck = $59.98) (New games = $49.99)
360 Elite – $299 (Extra controller = $49.99) (New games = $59.99)
PS3 Slim – $299 (Extra controller = $54.99) (New games = $59.99)

Internal memory:
Wii Console – 512MB expandable with an SD memory card (max 2GB)
360 Elite – 120GB HDD (possible future expansion to 250GB?)
PS3 Slim – 120GB HDD expandable with just about any 2.5 form factor HDD

Backwards compatibility:
Wii Console – 100% with Gamecube Games and also controllers/memory cards
360 Elite – Limited with original xBox games
PS3 Slim – None

Hardware internet capabilities:
Wii Console – Wireless modem built in (need adapter to hardline)
360 Elite – Standard ethernet modem built in (need adapter to go wireless)
PS3 Slim – Both wireless and standard ethernet built in

Internet capabilities:
Wii Console – Limited online play, Opera browser, Downloadable games and demos
360 Elite – Full online play (with $49.99 yearly fee), no browser, Downloadable games, game content, demos, movies, trailers, Netflix streaming
PS3 Slim – Full online play, proprietary browser, Downloadable games, game content, demos, movies, trailers, Netflix streaming.

Video playbaback capabilities:
Wii Console – None
360 Elite – DVD playback
PS3 – Blu-ray & DVD playback

High definition capabilities:
Wii Console – None. Limited to 480p with component cables
360 Elite – Up to full 1080p with HDMI or component cables
PS3 Slim – Up to full 1080p with HDMI or component cables

Recognizable exclusive games:
Wii (Nintendo) – Any Mario game, Any Zelda game, Any Metroid game
360 (XBox) – Halo series, Gears of War series
PS3 (Playstation) – Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted series

You’ll notice that this information doesn’t really help at all in deciding which system to purchase. It just gives pretty much the low down about each system and nothing about the games or gameplay. Man I can totally ramble on about consoles. Anyway if you were just looking at this info here’s what it breaks down to:

Wii has the upper hand on cost and backwards compatibility.
360 is tied with PS3 on internal memory and high def capabilities.
PS3 has the upper hand on hardware internet, internet and video playback capabilities.

There are so many nuances of each system and more details that I could get into but I’ll get into that with each individual console in the near future. For now I hope this information confuses you even more. Enjoy the incoming break. Great time to catch up on some gaming 😀


Mario Kart Wii

September 4, 2008 7 comments

Mario Kart Wii

Finally! I was able to pick this game up. It’s all but impossible to find kinda like the Wii itself. It’s funny that when the game was released I had seen many a copy sitting on the Target shelves. Once I decided that I needed one (as well as a friend of mine) it became nonexistent. Over the Labor day weekend, while I was on my way to visit the family, I stopped into Coral Ridge Mall and checked out Gamestop. Lo and behold they actually had a pyramid of Mario Karts. The clerk said that they received a rather large shipment the day before and had already sold over half of them. Boy am I glad that I stopped in when I did. I don’t think the rest of them would have lasted the weekend.

This game is definitely one of the better versions of Mario Kart out there. Over the years, mario kart has somewhat lost its charm but the new control scheme freshens everything up and makes it new again. I love the original on the SNES and this version is actually just as high on my list of the best of the series.

Mario Kart Wii

A bonus to this game is that it comes with a Wii Wheel for your Wiimote. Without the wheel, controlling is just uncomfortable and silly at best. Of course you just can’t look cool by driving with just a Wiimote in your hands and not the pimp Wii Wheel.

This game is a pleasure to play and it’s only better with a group of friends (pretty much like any Wii game). For any Wii owner I believe this to be on the list of must haves.

Overall a $50/$50
The free wheel included makes the whole package a steal.

Wii SD functionality

January 4, 2007 16 comments

Wii & SD Card

Well I downloaded Super Castlevania IV and Toejam & Earl onto the Wii. Great games but I have realized some unfortunate things about the Wii & SD slot. I was under the impression that a firmware upgrade would allow me to save my VC games to my SD card but I can’t do so even with my (currently) fully upgraded Wii.

I made an early assumption that you could use the SD card as a possible extra drive for games or whatnot. You know, a backup Wii drive. Well I will tell you what it can and cannot do from my fiddling with it. (At least this is true on my Wii).

1. You can move Wii game memory from the Wii to the SD slot (but not all Wii game memory). Elebits does not allow transfering of save files from the Wii to the SD card.

2. You can view photos via the SD card (in case you had no other way of displaying it).

3. You can’t save directly to the SD cards (at least my games have not given me the option anywhere). You have to move the memory from the Wii to the SD card (if the game memory allows moving). It’s basically a memory storage device to bring your game saves to a friends house. (don’t ask me if you can actually transfer your saves to a different Wii).

4. You can’t save downloaded VC games to the SD card. Bummer.

5. You can’t transfer Game Cube memory to the Wii or the SD Slot. I was hoping to alleviate some memory pressure from my Game Cube mem cards but I could not do so with my Wii. Curses!. So if you are running low on the GC memory, you’ll have to delete some or get a new memory card for GC games.

As of now I see the SD option as pretty much a useless addition to the Wii. I’m sure they’ll make more use of it in the future. Until then I would suggest that you wait to get an SD card.

*Update* – 03/25/09

Well it was a long time coming but finally we all can run our VC games and channels directly from SD cards. Woo Hoo!

On top of that, the Wii can now recognize up to a 32GB SD card. Boy is this gonna be helpful. Take yer time Nintendo… take yer time.