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Xbox Live Update – Halo: Reach

April 11, 2011 6 comments

Halo Reach Preview Disc

How convenient! Look what I just got in the mail. I’m so friggin excited I can’t contain myself! I just got the Halo: Reach preview disc that allows me to update my Xbox Live! Whoop dee doo! I absolutely cannot wait to dig into… oh wait. My console is currently out of commission. Please see previous post. Nice Microsoft, nice.

Oh I forgot to post an update for the last post. To put it simply, they told me it’s out of warranty. I need to pay em 120 bones if I wanted them to fix it or I could go through the online hoops to get it repaired for 100 bones. This is of course sans shipping costs. I don’t think so. It can sit on the shelf and rot for all I care. Glad I hadn’t invested that much into the system but it still pisses me off cause my lady bought it for me as an out of the blue gift 😦


E 74 Error

April 2, 2011 2 comments

E 74 Error

Great. I rarely if ever use my 360 Elite (If I’m lucky I average 3-4 hrs a week on it). I tend to play my PS3 more for the simple fact that I’ve had it longer and it has free online play. Now while watching a DVD on my 360 I noticed some vertical bands across the screen and the video seeming very low res. This is even considering it’s always looked fine with the HDMI connections to the HDTV. I decided to check the video settings to see if something was amiss. Everything looked proper. I decided I’d just restart the system. Typically that would fix any issues but what ended up happening was that I got a flashy quarter red ring and a screen that said I had an E 74 Error. I am not pleased at all. If anything I’m pissed! I’ve probably not even logged in a tenth of the hours into this system as my PS3 and it has failed me. I don’t have it enclosed in an entertainment stand and I dust it often. There would be absolutely no reason for it to fail considering the way I baby my systems. Totally unacceptable no matter how you look at it.

According to the xBox site, the warranty for this type of error is 3 years from purchase date. Get this, I have the original receipt and guess what? It was purchased by my wife as a gift to me exactly 3 years and 21 days ago. Coincidence? I think not. I’ve contacted xBox support regarding this issue. I guess we’ll just have to see how they respond on Monday or Tuesday. I’m really not expecting much from them considering they pretty much still deny they had any wrong doing considering bad consoles. This kinda $#!t infuriates me! Today I hate Microsoft almost as much as I hate Gamestop.

xBox Live Silver = Almost Useless

January 21, 2010 3 comments

I ran out of my Gold subscription to xBox live last month and never bothered to renew it. Just didn’t find it necessary since I’m on the PS3 more often and it has free online gaming. Anyhoo I logged onto my xBox live account online and wanted to send a message to one of my gaming buddies. Well guess what I learned? You can’t send messages if you don’t have a Gold account. WTF! You serious Microsoft!? One of the most basic features of any internet connection in this age is completely devoid from XBox Live??? Basic message sending???? I mean, gmail is free and it has instant messaging. Hell it has video chat… and it’s FREE! Yahoo even has those options. I just don’t get it. I can justify (to myself) a cost for online gameplay but message sending? Man that’s stooping pretty low. Less respect towards Microsoft I tell ya.

Gears of War 2: Limited Edition

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Gears of War 2

Check it out! Gears of War 2: Limited Edition with bonus Centaur Tank! It was a Best Buy exclusive I believe. I also managed to score the codes for the gold-plated Lancer and the gold plated Hammerburst. Nice but virtual gear really doesn’t strike my fancy.

Gears of War 2

Ok if it’s not obvious, I’m way behind. This should have been up when I got it at midnight at BestBuy but I can honestly say it’s been rather busy. That aint no lie. I haven’t actually played the game yet either. Can you believe it?

Right now with the holidays and such, there is a very limited amount of time to play anything at all. I’m trying not to spread myself too thin so I’m currently focusing on Dead Space and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I plan to jump into either Gears 2 or Fallout 3 after that. I guess the determining factor would be if Fallout 3 has the trophy patch released by the time I finish up Dead Space. I guess only time will tell.

Infinite Undiscovery

September 18, 2008 2 comments

Infinite Undiscovery

I’ll admit that I haven’t clocked in that much time in this game yet. I only have about 10 of the “who knows how many” characters in my party right now.

So far the game has been pretty fun. It’s pretty much an action RPG at its core and I really don’t mind that. You can choose battles since the enemies are visible while you are roaming the world which seems to be more common in current RPG’s. No more of that random battles crap. Admittedly the combat does get pretty repetitive since you are only using 2 buttons to mash together combos. The one nice thing is that battles are pretty quick since your AI counterparts are actually pretty decent at taking out the enemies. Come to think of it, the AI control system seems to be a very simplified gambit system (introduced in Final Fantasy XII).

There really is no customization of characters at all. All have their own strengths/weaknesses and can only equip specific items linked to their “job”. In order to customize your party (of 4) you need to swap out characters which can only be done in towns or during special events. The party can’t be switched out on the main map or in dungeons so the party better be able to hold their own out in the field. One good thing is that the “non used” characters gain experience as well even if they aren’t in the active party. So there is no level grinding needed for the less used characters.

I do like the crafting system in the game. Each character can craft different items depending on what you have gained in battles or have purchased in shops. It’s a simple system but fun no less. Definitely a nice addition to the game.

The story has been slow to build and no where near as engaging as I’d like it to be. I marginally want to know the origins of the main character and his “twin” but that’s about it. The rest of the characters can fall by the wayside for all I care. The voice acting is decent but doesn’t sync up with the lip movement of the characters. This really doesn’t bother me too much since they are real time cinematics as opposed to pre-rendered CG movies. I’ll deal with it.

I can’t help but to compare this to the Final Fantasy series and it seems like a weak attempt. It’s a good game but so far not great. This game just hasn’t lived up to the hype that I had given it. Perhaps my opinion will change as I progress in the game. Unfortunately my desire to continue the game is not as high as it probably should be.


Overall I’d give it a $45/$60

Gears of War

April 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Gears of War

I will have to admit that when it comes to games on the 360, I’m a little late in the game. I’ve only had my 360 for about 2 months now and because of that, only now am I really getting to play some of the awesome games available for it. Gears of War would of course be one of these gems. I won’t bother reviewing this since it is a rather old game and I’m sure there are a billion reviews available. Just wanted to note that it’s one of the definite must haves for any 360 owner. I’m only through the first chapter but I’m truly enjoying the experience. The only thing that goofs me up sometimes is that I try to play the game like Halo but it doesn’t play that way. I guess I should stop going back and forth between multiple games eh? ;P

Viva Pinata

April 4, 2008 4 comments

Viva Pinata Platinum Hits

Ok I didn’t think that I would ever pick this up but I heard good things and it was only $19.95. You can’t beat that price. Ok maybe you can but it’s still a great price. I’m glad that they decided to make the platinum hits $19.99 because that’s reasonable. Now the PS3 on the other hand, they haven’t decided on a price point for their greatest hits yet. It probably means that it’s not going to be $19.99 like the ps2 greatest. That really bites but that’s another story.

Anyway Viva Pinata is essentially a gardening simulator. Kinda like Harvest Moon but it seems much less complex. Now that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the kind of gardening sim player you are. For me it’s great that it’s simpler. I don’t like to micromanage everything. I prefer to play games for fun and not feel like it’s a job. Viva Pinata does it right in this regard. You just grow what you want to and there is the occasional watering and fertilizing but it’s not tedious to me. Also if I lose a crop or a pinata, it really doesn’t worry me so much because I can always get another.

The customization is wonderful! You can design your garden any way you feel fit. There are ton’s of items you can purchase for it as well as accessories for the pinatas that live in your garden. Also after you have placed something, you can always destroy it and build a new one. There is so much versatility to this game.

Controls are simple enough but sometimes getting through all of the menus seems tiresome. There are so many categories within categories that there is the potential to get lost in them. Good thing that you can get right back to your garden by pressing the select button.

Overall it’s a great game with almost unlimited possibilities. I can see tons of replay value in this little budget game. I hope you can see it too ( if you like sims of course).

I’d give it a $20/$20